WHAT THE HECK IS… Fuel Poverty?

Sep 15, 2021

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What is Fuel Poverty?

Fuel Poverty occurs when households cannot afford to keep adequately warm at a reasonable cost, on their income.

What causes Fuel Poverty?

The energy efficiency of a home, the cost of energy, and household income all contribute to Fuel Poverty.

How is Fuel Poverty measured?

Standard measurements (metrics) are used to calculate Fuel Poverty. These can factor in the energy efficiency rating of a household as well as income.

Who does Fuel Poverty affect?

Fuel poverty affects the unemployed, low earners, and residents in energy-inefficient properties.

Why is Fuel Poverty a big topic?

Energy regulators have recently raised the price cap on energy tariffs. This winter, heating costs will rise as benefits are reduced. This will push more low-income households into Fuel Poverty.

What’s being done to combat Fuel Poverty?

Seasonal payments and discount schemes are available for eligible households to help cut energy bills.

Is there a long-term strategy to combat Fuel Poverty?

Minimum energy efficiency ratings are being targeted by authorities for fuel poor homes, including social housing. By using less energy, optimised living space can be warmed cheaper.

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