WALLTITE® The solution for hard to treat cavities

  • Location: Guildford
  • Completion date: 8th July 2013

Leading national education property consultant NPS has used BBA certified WALLTITE CV100 spray foam insulation to improve the thermal insulation of the walls in a Victorian school building. The project involved an extension being built and consequential improvements being carried out to the existing building.

The Brighton based office of the public sector owned organisation, has completed work on a scheme involving the creation of Nurture Rooms at four schools. Throughout the project, NPS acted as architect and specifier. The company specified WALLTITE for use in Stoughton Infant and Primary School in Guildford because of the narrow width cavities in the Victorian construction.
The quick application of WALLTITE injection grade rigid closed cell polyurethane foam prevents air leakage and air infiltration. Post-installation, the foam will not shrink or settle over time, providing sustainable insulation for the building’s life span.

Helen Bayliss of NPS explained, “To comply with building regulations, when building the extension we had to also make improvements to the existing building and we opted to improve the thermal insulation of the walls.

“I chose WALLTITE because of its thermal capabilities after reading about a similar project in which it was used. The installation went smoothly with no hic-cups. It was the perfect solution for this job as the cavity was very small and the skins were uneven due to the materials used in the Victorian era.”


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