WALLTITE® insulates BRE Victorian Terrace

  • Location: Watford
  • Completion date: 16th December 2011

WALLTITE® spray foam insulation from BASF plc, has been used to form an airtight thermal efficient solution at the BRE’s Victorian Terrace retrofit project in Watford.

BASF in partnership with the BRE is helping to transform a disused Victorian stable block into a 21st century living and exhibition space. The Victorian Terrace demonstration project aims to bring about a step change in the housing agenda by highlighting the significant contribution refurbishment can play in reducing UK carbon emissions and encouraging industry to raise standards of practice.

WALLTITE® was spray applied to one of the walls in the presentation room which when finished, will house a permanent exhibition of the products used on this project. The wall here was very unstable so a number of structural repairs had to take place before removing all the existing plaster. WALLTITE® was then sprayed directly onto the rough, bare brick substrate without the need for primer or levelling coat to a thickness of 100mm. The strength of WALLTITE® therefore helped to consolidate this very unsound surface.

To remove any concerns about potential thermal bridging via studwork or framing, the whole surface area of the wall was sprayed seamlessly and then finished with gypframe studs before applying plasterboard.

WALLTITE® is a closed cell foam, the structure of which helps control the movement of vapour and moisture throughout the building thus reducing the risk of mould and condensation. At a thickness of 100mm WALLTITE® achieved a u-value of 0.24W/m²k.


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