Walltite CV100 Cavity Wall Insulation – Mizen Head


A traditional old Irish cottage.


Niall McLoughlin

Scope of Work:

To remove the existing fibre insulation form the cavity wall and replace with Walltite LWP CV100.

Foam Master Installer:

OS Insulate from Skibbereen, Co Cork, Ireland.

Project Area:


Product Used:

BASF WALLTITE LWP CV100 cavity wall insulation.


Project Background

West Cork Foam Master, OS Insulate were tasked with the responsibility of removing the existing blown in fibre insulation and replacing it with a durable, watertight and airtight insulation that could withstand the extreme weather for this building on the edge of Ireland.




Located on the north east Atlantic, Mizen head is one of the most spectacular headlands on Irelands Atlantic seaboard. The iconic headland stands tall above the powerful Atlantic waters below and is best well known for being the most southerly point in Ireland.

Located just 1 km from the famous Mizen head foot bridge, this traditional cottage is as exposed as any building can get to the raw power of nature and the severe elements it will inflict on a daily basis. The client contacted OS Insulate to find a product that would upgrade their cavity wall insulation and protect them from the severe exposure, allowing them to enjoy their views from the comfort of their home.




Firstly OS Insulate employed the services of Energy Efficient Homes to remove the existing fibre insulation present in the cavity. They drilled a series of 20mm holes around the elevations and inserted some high pressure release hoses to extracted the material through a larger hole at the base of the wall. All elevations were checked with a cavity wall camera to ensure all fibre material was removed.

Once the cavity was clear, OS Insulate arrived on site with 220kg drums of WALLTITE LWP CV 100 to start the process of installing a new cavity wall insulation. WALLTITE was selected as the material of choice as it will satisfy the clients requirements for durability, water tightness, airtight and excellent thermal insulation value.

The existing cavity wall consisted of 100mm block externally, 100mm cavity and 100mm internal block wall. Additional 12mm holes were drilled horizontally and vertically along the elevations to accommodate the WALLTITE installation. The CV 100 provided a continuous seamless water tight blanket around the cavity, with a good thermal conductivity of 0.025W/mK.


Homeowners Testimony

“We chose WALLTITE to get the best possible u-value for our existing cavity, without the need to use external or internal insulation. We are located on a beautiful but exposed coastal site, so it was equally important to use an insulation that could withstand the extreme conditions. We were delighted with the work carried out by OS Insulate and very happy with the finished install”. ~ Niall McLoughlin




Further Information

If you need technical assistance with your project, ECON Building Products would be happy to get involved once you have completed our project contact form.



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