WALLTITE® contributes to the coldest journey

  • Location: Antarctic
  • Completion date: 11th December 2012

On 6 December Sir Ranulph Fiennes will set off from London on an expedition to travel across the Antarctic in the winter (the traverse starts on March 21st 2012). It is the first time the feat has been attempted and the living and working quarters for the expedition members have been treated with WALLTITE® spray foam insulation.

The specially developed Cabooses (there are two) will be towed across the ice by tractors. With temperatures potentially reaching close to -90oc keeping the team warm is a top priority.

The Cabooses are constructed from adapted shipping containers. These are steel and the walls are of corrugated design. WALLTITE has been used as an initial insulation layer, sprayed directly onto the steel shell where it fills the corrugations, providing a flat surface for further insulation layers and partitioning to be fixed as the interior layout is designed.

The conversion of shipping containers into living accommodation is increasingly common, and providing adequate insulation without causing condensation is always an immediate challenge.

WALLTITE, sprayed directly onto the internal surface removes this condensation problem entirely and provides consistent and effective insulation across the area.

WALLTITE is a closed cell polyurethane insulation spray foam, providing a highly versatile and effective insulation system suitable for roofs, walls or floors. It is only supplied via approved Foam Master contractors who have received the technical training and back-up from BASF to provide the highest standard of installation. The Cabooses for this project were treated by Isotech, a specialist spray foam contractor based in Hampshire.

Photo credit: Harriet Wooltorton


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