The Impact of Floor Insulation Across 180 Homes

Project Background

The project consisted of 180 homes, with the aim of reducing heat loss by 77% through the floor and whole house cold draughts by 1/3 thereby improving the comfort of residents. Compared with many other retrofit measures, Q-Bot is a great cost-effective solution. The average cost was £3,380 per install, with an improvement of 5 EPC points per home, resulting in a cost of £695 per EPC point gained. Developed with the support of BEIS and InnovateUK, Q-Bot has fully commercialised an affordable, ECO funded solution to retrofit insulation to suspended timber floors. Q-Bot has had its results verified by the Energy Savings Trust, and is fully accredited by BBA, PAS and TrustMark.

The Solution

ECON Building Products supplied BASF ELASTOSPRAY® LWP material to meet the high standard requirements of Q-Bot Underfloor Insulation. The high-density, closed cell insulation with a thermal conductivity as low as 0.025 W/mk provides a structural, durable and airtight insulation solution which has a positive effect on the life and value of the building fabric. Installed within 1-2 days to minimise disruption by a robot similar to those in the picture below, the layer of high-performance spray insulation creates an airtight barrier between the floor and void. The insulation raises the temperature of the floor and reduces the risk of condensation.


The Impact of Floor Insulation

As part of a drive to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty, several Local Authorities and Housing Associations have worked with Q-Bot to install underfloor insulation. The case study is based on a wide range of housing types, different ages and sizes from Camden Council, Abri Group, The Guinness Partnership, Curo Group, Plus Dane Housing, Hexagon Housing association, Castlehill Housing Association, Argyll Community Housing Association, Langstane Housing Association, Stonewater, Flagship Group, Aston Group, Oxford City Council, Osborne Energy, Link Housing Association, and Midas Group. The energy savings achieved by the upgrades were modelled in SAP using elemental U-values for the individual floors and the airtightness test results of each property. This enabled the energy improvements to be calculated against a range of scenarios with alternative retrofit measures.


Working with Q-BOT

Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation can be installed as a standalone measure or part of a Whole House Retrofit, both approaches are designed in line with PAS 2019:2035.


Customer Feedback

100% of the occupants said they were ‘Satisfied’, or ‘Very Satisfied’ with the installation in terms of disruption and 90% scored Q-Bot 7 or higher on a survey of how likely would you recommend Q-Bot, where 1 stood for ‘not at all’ and 10 for ‘highly recommend’.

“I am much warmer, and I’m saving £20 per month on bills. I love Q-Bot, it has made a massive difference. There are now no draughts.” – Customer, NW London

“The house is a lot warmer now, and we don’t have the heating as much as compared with before. It’s a great service to have, it helps people like me to keep the house warm.” – Customer, Oxford

“Wow, what a fantastic team you have. I had excellent communication from the start. Great work carried out by a clearly competent team and my house was left better than it was when they came.” – Customer, Argyll & Butee 



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