Super Insulation for a Zero Carbon Home

  • Location: Snettisham, Norfolk
  • Completion date: 21st November 2011

WALLTITE® Polyurethane spray foam insulation system has been specified for a new-build detached-bungalow project in Snettisham, Norfolk. Finer Living designed the property to the Canadian Super E standard to create a neutral carbon structure.

WALLTITE CL 100 spray applied polyurethane foam insulation was applied between the roof rafters. The PU spray foam insulation was also used as part of a composite wall structure, over a 340m² wall area, to provide an air tight envelope for the property. Air tightness tests provided a result of 1.69m³/hr/m² and the walls achieved a U-value of 0.17W/m²K.

Finer Living were appointed main contractor on the project and Director Gregg Etches explains: ‘The WALLTITE® polyurethane spray foam insulation system was specified primarily for its air tightness. The initial liquid state allows the foam to seal every joint, consequently stopping any heat loss or air leakage within the property. By using this product I am able to reach at least level four or five of the Code for Sustainable Homes, which far exceeds the current government regulations. This result produces a terrific benefit for the homeowner as fuel bills can be reduced by up to 90%.’

Gregg continues: ‘Over the past three years I have become familiar with WALLTITE due to working with various clients in Canada. In my opinion, WALLTITE spray foam insulation is entirely new and innovative- it provides high quality insulation and impressive U-value results. I enjoy working with the product and I can see its usage significantly expanding within the UK, particularly with the introduction of the Green Deal.’

The WALLTITE polyurethane spray foam insulation system combined with efficient ventilation will create an air tight envelope and an optimum living environment.


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