St James Wood Apartments, Dublin


Low rise development built in 2001 by Cosgrave Homes in Kilmainham, Dublin

FIRETITE Installer:

Complete Insulation

Management Company:

Benchmark Property

Scope of Project:

Install FIRETITE® into existing cavity walls through externally drilled holes. The cavity was previously uninsulated allowing FIRETITE® to completely fill the void

Project Size:

Approx. 2000m2 wall area (100mm cavity)


FIRETITE® Class A2,S1,d0 mineral clay based cavity wall insulation



Following a series of independent audits on the apartment complex, it was revealed that there were some fire safety issues. This was made public by the media in Dec 2018 creating uncertainty and stress for all living here. Following these report’s the fire officer conducted an examination of the site and thankfully for the tenants they chose not to vacate the properties. Owners were given quotations for a variety of remedial work such as lighting, alarm systems and cavity walls.


The consultant engineer R.G. Greene and Benchmark Property were tasked with the challenge of finding solutions to the highlighted problems. Specifying compliant product that can be retrofitted into existing building without causing major upheaval for the existing tenants is extremely difficult. Finding a cavity wall insulation that offers fire protection, air tightness, is water repellent, a good insulation value and addresses all the issues associated with the existing challenges has initially proved problematic.



The Solution

R.G. Greene turned to FIRETITE Class A2, s1,d0 as the solution to the cavity wall insulation problems. FIRETITE is a fire rated mineral based cavity wall insulation material suitable for new and refurbished cavity walls.





FIRETITE is the worlds first 3 component clay mineral insulation developed by BASF after many years of extensive research to create this unique formulation.


FIRETITE has a thermal conductivity of 0.034W/mK, is open to vapour diffusion but is water repellent. It contains no harmful pollutants, has no internal propellants and has achieved the best EMICODE emissions classification of EC1 plus.


It is a self sealing product that adheres to the masonry walls and provides seamless airtight insulation when complete.


FIRETITE is quick and easy to install by fully trained and approved contractors like John Curtin from Complete Insulation. From the initial introduction of FIRETITE, John has recognised the potential for the product and was keen to add the brand to his portfolio of insulation offerings.



Installers Testimony

“There’s nothing like it on the market and we see it as a solution to so many cavity wall problems. This project was successful for all involved and we’re looking forward to working on many more in the near future.”

– John Curtin, Complete Insulation


Further Information

If you need technical assistance with your project, ECON Building Products would be happy to help once you have completed our project contact form.




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