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Sep 16, 2021

This month we focus our spotlight on Spray Insulations

As advanced as ECON Polyurethanes and BASF chemical solutions, training and technical support become, our spray foam reputation is built on our Foam Masters expertise and their satisfied customers.  Working on the frontline, our network of Foam Masters is at the heart of what we do and, who we are. We thank them all for working with us and showcasing our portfolio of BASF spray foam insulation products.

Over time, we want to champion the work they are all doing and shine a spotlight on every foam master but we start with Spray Insulations.

Delighted Customers

Spray insulations are a busy operation based in Chelmsford, Essex. They primarily operate across London, Essex, and throughout the South-East.  But when their expertise is required they do travel further afield. They offer a 24/7 spray foam insulation service that includes commercial, domestic, and marine spraying. With a background installing pools and Jacuzzis, MD Leo Bates launched Spray Insulations 15 years ago.  Spray Insulations have now completed hundreds of varied projects under Leo’s exacting standards. They continue to grow thanks to recommendations from their delighted customers. The company’s Facebook and Instagram channels are also attracting hundreds of new followers with engaging content.

Stress-Free Experience

Customer service and satisfaction are very important to the team at Spray Insulations.  Projects are completed with little disruption and mess. And by providing regular updates, clients can enjoy a stress-free experience.


Spray Insulations use Elastospray LWP closed-cell foam, which has now replaced Walltite CL100.  With its Low Warming Potential, it is an eco-friendly HFO spray foam.  It achieves the same thermal efficiency as Walltite but is easier to apply and better for the environment.  They also use Enertite, the low-density open-cell foam, that also improves energy efficiency and provides a barrier against unwanted sounds.

Boat Builds

Recently completed spray insulation projects include the boat featured in this video.  With a concrete hull and timber frame wheelhouse, it remains one of the best boat builds Leo has seen. Applying minimal thickness, Elastospray met the required levels of insulation.  Featuring a continuous and watertight membrane, it controlled and stabilised condensation whilst lessening noise.


Larger spaces are also not a challenge.  25mm of BASF Elastospray closed cell foam was recently applied to the underside of a huge car showroom housing a clients’ private car collection.  The showroom’s metal roof suffered from condensation in the cold weather and was extremely hot in summer.  Possessing superb thermal qualities, Elastospray was the perfect solution.



With its easy application, Spray insulations regularly use Elastospray on containers.  Leo commented

‘It’s a great way to make a container a useable space all year round.  It stops condensation with as little as 25 mm of foam.’

Elastospray, expertly applied by Spray Insulations, leaves a crisp, clean, and smooth finish that many clients choose to leave exposed as it looks so good.


It is popular in marine vessels where thermal efficiency and noise reduction can be achieved without impacting premium space.

Timber Stud Work

BASF Elastospray insulation can be installed to fully fill timber stud work and achieve the required U-value and airtightness level. It is quick to apply and creates very little mess in the process.  This is an outhouse recently completed by Spray Insulations.

Large Spaces

Enertite is an open-spray foam that can effectively insulate large spaces and cover void areas in no time at all.

Insulate, Protect and Save

Promoting their business under a mantra of ‘insulate, protect and save’, Leo and the team at Spray insulations are on a mission to deliver the best product, the best price, and the best service.

Final words from Leo.

‘Nothing gets a complete seal, like BASF spray foam.’

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