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Nov 3, 2021

Cisco Homes Ltd is the focus of this month’s ECON Foam Master Spotlight.

Warmer, Happier Homes

After many years running successful sales teams, Stuart Umney saw an opportunity to create warmer, happier homes across the UK with a winning offer based on saving: saving energy, saving space, and saving money.  He took the plunge and set up Cisco Homes Ltd, along with his wife Sue, back in 2016.

Leading Loft Insulation Suppliers

Since then the friendly, family-run business, based in Plymouth, has insulated over 5000 homes and in the process become one of the leading loft insulation suppliers in the UK.

Cisco Homes Ltd Energy-saving Solutions

Committed to helping reduce homeowner costs and doing the right thing for the environment, Cisco Homes Ltd, showcases a portfolio of energy-saving solutions including solar power, water repellent paints, and BASF’s open-cell spray foam, Enertite.

Strategically Well-positioned

With over 80 staff covering Penzance to Newcastle, Cisco Homes Ltd is strategically well-positioned to help existing and future customers reduce their carbon footprint and save money with energy-saving installations.

Forward-thinking Customers

With the impact of global warming, rising fuel bills, and dwindling fossil fuel resources rarely out of the news, Cisco Homes Ltd has never been busier. Their forward-thinking customers are spending now on improving the thermal efficiency of their homes; making considerable savings over time.

A Popular Remedy

With poorly insulated roofs responsible for up to 25% of heat loss in homes, optimising roof cavity envelopes with air-tight, breathable foam has always been a popular remedy.

Next-generation Spray Foam

Cisco Homes Ltd recently switched to BASF spray foam. They are now benefiting from sourcing their foam from the global leader in sustainable chemicals who also share their values. Using next-generation spray foam, Enertite, and Elastospray LWP, their in-house, BASF-approved installers have found the eco-friendly foam is quick to apply and dry. Holding its shape, the foam neither sags nor settles and leaves little mess or waste.

Extremely Low GWP

With its open cell structure, Enertite is a versatile spray foam, suitable for insulating internal spaces including timber frame wall cavities, suspended floors, and flat or pitched roofs. The foam expands to around 100 times its volume, filling space and providing excellent protection against heat loss: the u-value of Enertite can reach as low as 0.11. Using water as a blowing agent, no damage is caused to the ozone layer and it has an extremely low GWP of around 1.

Hard-to-reach Areas

Sprayed directly onto most dry, dust-free substrates, Elastospray LWP, a closed-cell, HFO-blown spray conforms to contours, making it ideal for insulating profiled roofs, soffits, and other non-standard spaces. Sprayed into cavities, Elastospray LWP penetrates hard-to-reach areas, providing almost zero air permeability.

Cisco Homes Ltd ‘Excellent’ Trustscore

As well as installing the best products, Cisco Homes Ltd takes pride in its customer service. This is a big focus for them. They have racked up hundreds of reviews on Trustpilot and maintained an ‘Excellent’ Trustscore of 4.7.

Exhibition Stands

Cisco Homes Ltd also actively promotes their offer and engages with existing and new customers from their exhibition stands at trade shows across the UK, including the recent Grand Designs Live at Birmingham NEC.

Founder and company director, Stuart Umney, best sums up Cisco Homes Ltd when he says,

‘I love what we do at Team Cisco and the fact we can evolve, adapt and succeed relatively quickly as the need arises. We are looking forward to finishing 2021 on a high whilst having an eye on some additional products in the New Year to future proof homeowners safety from rising bills and uncertain supply.’

Thanks to the Cisco Homes Ltd team, the future is certainly looking brighter, definitely greener, and considerably cheaper.

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Spotlight on CISCO Homes Ltd
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