SLENTEX®: The BASF Thermal Insulation Solution Preserving Our Heritage and Protecting the Planet

Aug 4, 2021

By Peter Woodcock

Marketing Executive, ECON Polyurethanes

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Our heritage has the power to make lives better. The National lottery have just revealed a fresh round of heritage grants.  These range in value from £250,000 to £5million. The intention of each grant is to fund a project that connects people and communities to their national, regional, and local heritage. In the last round of applications, a £5million grant was awarded to The Grand Opera House in Belfast.  This included new seating, carpets, curtains and an upgraded technical infrastructure.  The grants are available for UK projects that will be completed within 5 years.  Many types of organisations can apply.  This includes charities, community groups, parish councils, faith based organisations, local authorities, and other public sector organisations.

Environmental Responsibility Criteria

A key-criteria for successful applications, outlined by Araba Webber, Head of Strategy at National Lottery Heritage Fund, is demonstrating projects are ‘environmentally responsible and ensuring that they integrate environmental measures into their plans.’  This aligns with the National Lottery’s broader environmental sustainability agenda.  Ensuring projects are ‘enhancing, protecting and benefiting’ the places and people they support and that all funded projects think about their energy usage and aim to reduce or minimise it.

Historic Facades under Monument Preservation

As the world’s leading chemical company and largest producer of polyurethane coatings and insulation materials, it is no surprise that BASF have developed a highly efficient mineral-based, thermal solution.  This is ideally suited for historic facades under monument preservation. Applied by experts, SLENTEX® will drastically reduce fuel consumption and save money. Distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland by ECON Polyurethanes, SLENTEX® is a non-flammable A2-s1, d0 material that offers unprecedented adaptability and design freedom.  At 10mm deep, the slim thermal insulation with an impressive lambda value of 0.019 W/mk is designed to adapt to varied building surfaces, allowing slender thermal insulation systems.

Limited Space and Demanding Geometries

Available in 150mm wide, 45m long rolls, the white silica aerogel is exceptionally easy to cut using a cutter blade or insulation knife, curve cut using a band saw or jigsaw and circular cut using a hole saw or core drill. SLENTEX® can be applied effortlessly where other insulation materials faulter. The adaptable product has many more applications and will unquestionably become your go-to thermal insulation solution for challenging projects that have limited space or demanding geometries.

Smart and Safe Solution

Whether you are an organisation, applying for a National Lottery Heritage Grant to preserve and protect your heritage building, or a contractor seeking an optimum thermal insulation solution for a historic facade, under monument preservation, go for the smart and safe solution and choose SLENTEX®.

Talk to us about your insulation needs

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ECON Polyurethanes is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of BASF construction polyurethanes. From our offices in Dublin and Kent, we coordinate the specification and application of BASF manufactured polyurethane spray, injection and specialist coatings through a network of accredited contracting companies.


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