Shotcrete Alternative

by | Sep 19, 2023

Shotcrete Alternative

Sep 19, 2023

There are many challenges associated with using shotcrete on secant and contiguous pile constructions. Cost, dust and wastage are the obvious concerns and in many cases site access can cause additional difficulties particularly in congested cities and towns. Many of our BASF accredited installers are now using ELASTOSPRAY LWP as an alternative to more traditional shotcrete applications, due to its versatility and ease of application.

In this blog, we cover the reasons why ELASTOSPRAY LWP is a viable alternative to shotcrete for rendering secant and contiguous piles.



BASF ELASTOSPRAY LWP is a high density, rigid polyurethane spray insulation that can be used in place of shotcrete on secant and contiguous pile constructions. It has undergone additional tensile and compressive strength testing and has demonstrated the performance required to be considered an alternative to more traditional shotcrete applications.


How is ELASTOSPRAY LWP applied?

BASF ELASTOSPRAY LWP is applied in liquid state to the face of the pile construction and forms a high strength material that cures rapidly to give a reliable and robust surface. A waterproof membrane is subsequently fixed in the normal way. It is a faster curing system than shotcrete, and has no requirement for additional works once applied.


What are the benefits of ELASTOSPRAY LWP?

  • ELASTOSPRAY LWP is an ideal product for city centre sites with tight access and minimal storage areas.
  • ELASTOSPRAY LWP is applied by trained and accredited BASF Foam Master applicators.
  • ELASTOSPRAY LWP application equipment is compact and versatile.
  • ELASTOSPRAY LWP raw materials are packaged in 230/240 kg drums which can be easily stored and transported throughout site.
  • ELASTOSPRAY LWP is very cost effective when compared to dry or wet shotcrete.


Who are ECON Building Products and BASF?

ECON Building Products are the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of BASF construction polyurethanes. From offices in Kent and Dublin, ECON coordinates the specification and application of BASF manufactured polyurethane spray, injection and specialist coatings through a network of accredited contracting companies. BASF are the world’s leading chemical company and largest producer of polyurethane coatings and insulation materials manufacturing the FIRETITE, ENERTITE, ELASTOSPRAY, WALLTITE and ELASTOCOAT brands.


How can we assist you?

ECON Building Products can help you with:

  • Statutory requirements, planning regulations and product standards
  • Cost benefits over other insulations
  • Design ideas along with structural implications and requirements
  • Thermal performance calculations
  • Condensation risk analysis
  • BASF ‘Foam Master’ training
For more information, please contact us on:
UK +44 (0) 1233 229500
IRL +353 (1) 4019729



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