Science Block physic-ally enhanced with WALLTITE®

  • Location: Bristol
  • Architect: Oxford Architects
  • Completion date: 26th February 2013

WALLTITE® CV 100 injection grade foam insulation has provided enhanced structural stability and thermal performance to the HH Wills Building, a block of the Physics Department at Bristol University.

As part of a major façade refurbishment, Oxford Architects wanted to improve the thermal performance of the external envelope. As the building is constructed from reinforced concrete, this was achieved by injecting WALLTITE® into the existing 100mm wide spandrel wall cavity.

WALLTITE® is injected in liquid form and expands when it makes contact with the substrate. It is ideal for use in masonry cavity walls because it will mould itself to any contour or uneven surface.

Filling the cavity with 100mm of WALLTITE CV 100 reduced the U-value from 1.45W/m²k down to 0.23W/m²k.

Architect Steve Lee said: “We had a CPD from Walltite and found that the product met our primary concern for improved thermal performance and had the added benefit of strengthening the wall construction.”


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