Jaguar Land Rover, Leamington Spa

  • Location: Leamington Spa
  • Completion date: 12th December 2011

The Problem

The problem: The refurbishment of a dated, leaky and poorly insulated building into a state of the art training centre under significant time constraints.

Luwoge Consult, an energy consultancy team of BASF, carried out a thermal assessment of the building which revealed that, without improvement it would emit 418 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

The challenge was therefore to source products that would provide for a sustainable, energy efficient building that satisfied all local planning laws and the needs of the client’s insurance company.

The Solution

In partnership with BASF Group, Jaguar Land Rover looked at a vast range of energy efficient and sustainable construction products. One vital aspect of the project was to upgrade the insulation on the roof and walls and make the building airtight. For this aspect they chose a seamless, airtight insulation solution – WALLTITE.

WALLTITE is a spray foam insulation system which enabled it to be applied directly onto the existing laminate board insulation, with very little preparation. The in-situ application meant the foam expanded as soon as it hit the substrate, sealing it completely and preventing air leakage. The self adhesive properties of the system also meant that no extra costs were incurred for fixings and increased loading and potential thermal bridging was eliminated.

75mm thickness of rigid insulation foam was applied at a rate of 1,000m² per week.

The outcome

By implementing the measures and products suggested by BASF, including low thermal conductivity in-situ spray foam, emissions were cut to 175 tonnes per year – an impressive 60% reduction. The use of solutions such as WALLTITE ensured sustainability over the life span of the building.

The new Jaguar Land Rover Technical Academy occupies over 4,000 m² of floor area including a 60 metre workshop and training zone equipped with vehicles, components and systems for hands-on training. The facility also has 16 classrooms, including four that can accommodate vehicles.


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