How do we Create a Ventilation Void in a Roof Structure when applying ENERTITE open cell spray foam?

by | Oct 10, 2022


Building Regulations require a Clear Ventilation Void in Spray Foam Roof Insulation

Building Regulations require the presence of a clear ventilation void in a pitched roof structure utilising non-breathable membranes to allow for the correct management of moisture when applying insulation. As open cell spray foam is a breathable material, vapour will readily pass through it and needs a channel to allow for it’s release from the roof structure. In this short video below, we show how we create a ventilation void in roof structures when applying our BASF ENERTITE open cell spray foam. (ENERTITE is the brand name of our BASF breathable spray applied polyurethane insulation).

As you will see in the video, we place our vapour permeable rafter slide, INSUPANEL, between the rafter timbers to act a separation layer between the foam insulation and non-breathable roofing membrane. This rafter slide is positioned to maintain a clear ventilation void as required by regulation. Our open cell spray foam, BASF ENERTITE is then applied directly to the INSUPANEL. As the video shows, vapour is released to the outside of the building while heat loss is reduced. 

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