FIRETITE® Fire Resistance Wall Test

Scope of Project:

To test the performance and integrity of FIRETITE® cavity wall insulation when subjected to continuous controlled fire test furnace over a 2 hour period

Testing Lab:

Efectis UK &I reland, Shore Road, Jordanstown, BT370QB, Co Antrim


Indicative non-loadbearing wall test to determine the resistance to fire of FIRETITE®


Test carried out in accordance with BS EN 1363-1: 2020 general requirements and under the guidelines of BS EN 1364-1: 2015 for non-loadbearing elements

Sample Size:

1500mm x 1500mm


FIRETITE® insulation, LGS Steel studs 89mm x 45mm x 1.2m, 12.5mm Type F Gypsum plasterboard, carbon steel screws, plastic socket and stainless steel rivets



FIRETITE® successfully passed the fire resistance criteria according to the general requirements of BS EN 1364-1: 2015. The furnace which averaged temperatures of 1000ºC was stopped after 132 minutes of consistently controlled monitoring.



The furnace temperature was continuously monitored and included 24 internal thermocouples used to measure temperatures of the steel stud, material interface, exposed and non-exposed internal temperature of the FIRETITE® insulation.


On the right side of the wall was a metal frame 290mm wide x 1.5m high, with FIRETITE® installed between the steel stud. FIRETITE® was completely unprotected and exposed to the furnace for the full 132min and showed little or no signs of cracking, deterioration, or movement away from the steel studs.


FIRETITE® insulation consists of 90% inorganic minerals and 10% organic components and is classified as a product of limited combustibility achieving Class A2-s1,d0 fire rating.




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