ELASTOSPRAY® Fire Rated Insulation System

BASF Elastospray fire rated high density, low thermal conductivity spray insulation system tested to Euroclass B-s2,d0.


BASF Fire Rated Spray Insulation System

BASF Elastospray is a high density, closed-cell spray insulation, developed for internal roofs, floors, soffits and walls of domestic, industrial, and agricultural buildings. The Elastospray fire rated system provides a superior structural, durable and seamless airtight insulation solution while achieving a B-s2,d0 Euroclass rating.

An intumescent coating is applied to the cured Elastospray spray insulation to achieve the desired rating. This formally tested system is designed to provide fire protection from the interior conditioned space of a building. It can also be used in many different applications such as cold storage, car parks and agricultural buildings by following a few additional steps to address these types of environments.

This BASF Elastospray fire rated insulation system is available in white. ice grey and black colours.

Please contact technical to request a copy of of the Euroclass B-s2,d0 fire test data.



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