Cashel Farm

  • Spray foam used: WALLTITE®
  • Location: Cork, Ireland

Project designers, Edge Architecture, wanted all of the building to follow the design principles of Passivhaus standards. This requires not only extremely efficient thermal insulation but also the highest airtightness standard.

The old barn building had solid stone walls: to get the required U-value of 0.26W/m2 K a 75mm layer of WALLTITE was sprayed directly onto the interior wall surface, forming a seamless finish that is not only thermally efficient but is also both airtight and watertight. The WALLTITE layer was then covered with plasterboard for the interior finish.

The new building structures, on the other hand, were constructed of two leaves of concrete blocks with a 200mm cavity held with insulating wall ties. This cavity was filled with WALLTITE CV 100 injection grade – a variation of the spray foam product that is designed to be injected into cavity walls. The result was a U-value of 0.12W/m2 K.


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