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Shotcrete Alternative

There are many challenges associated with using shotcrete on secant and contiguous pile constructions. Cost, dust and wastage are the obvious concerns and in many cases site access can cause additional difficulties particularly in congested cities and towns. Many...

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ENERTITE Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation – FAQ

What is ENERTITE? ENERTITE is a type of Polyurethane Insulating Foam that is processed on site to suit the size, shape and technical requirements of your roof, wall or floor structure. It is applied by spraying and insulates by reducing the amount of heat lost by...

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What is Spray Foam Roof Insulation? | Beginners Guide

What is Spray Foam Roof Insulation?

Read Time: 4 minutes Introduction If you are researching different insulation types for your roof, spray applied foam insulation is one of your options. In this Beginners Guide, we will answer the following questions: What is spray applied polyurethane foam...

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Cold Inside

Baby, It’s Cold Inside!

Staying cosy indoors can be a real challenge this time of year. With presents to buy, parties to attend and families to feed, home finances can be a real nightmare before Christmas. That’s why the prospect of a crippling heating bill too is something so many of us desperately wish to avoid.

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Isotech Sprayfoam

Spotlight on Isotech Sprayfoam

This month we shine ECON’s Foam Master Spotlight on Isotech Sprayfoam. BBA-approved Insulation Contractors Isotech Sprayfoam are BBA-approved insulation contractors who specialise in closed-cell polyurethane spray foam...

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Elastospray LWP Spray Foam

Elastospray LWP Spray Foam: Boxing Clever

Condensation can be a big problem for indoor gyms. Read how British Insulation Services used BASF Elastospray LWP spray foam to deliver a knock-out blow to Nechells Green Amateur Boxing Club’s condensation woes.

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Qbot Robots

Are Robots Getting a Bad Rap?

From the outset, popular culture has given robots something of a bad wrap Whatever the advantages, most fictional narratives portray robots as malevolent forces with hidden agendas.

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