Baby, It’s Cold Inside!

by | Dec 7, 2021


Cold Inside

With over 400 recordings, Frank Loesser’s 1944 classic “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is now almost as much a part of December as inclement weather.  But it’s not just the cold outside that merits attention.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Whether it’s snowing or not, staying cosy indoors can be a real challenge this time of year. As temperatures drop, there’s a natural temptation to keep the cold at bay by overriding central heating programmes. Simply crank up the comfort levels. However, it’s already an expensive time of year. With presents to buy, parties to attend and families to feed, home finances can be a real nightmare before Christmas. That’s why the prospect of a crippling heating bill is something so many of us desperately wish to avoid.

Additional Financial Responsibility

At night, many home-dwellers routinely turn their thermostats down. They resort to wearing multiple layers and snuggling under excess bedding to stay warm before nodding off. However, staying warm during the day can be more challenging. In the past, many households would have left their homes to go to work in buildings with ambient, regulated temperatures. During work hours, home central heating programmes were set low to avoid costly and unnecessary usage. However, with many more people now working remotely, staying warm during working hours has become a new challenge. For many, it’s now an unwelcome additional financial responsibility.

Little To No Movement

Keeping active is always a smart idea and a great way to keep warm. However, with so many professionals reliant on laptop connectivity to get their work done it’s not always possible. Long periods sitting down, with little to no movement, are almost inevitable. Other solutions to combat the cold might involve wearing additional layers of clothing. It’s certainly a solution but may be at odds with company dress codes. And in client-facing roles, dressing to maximise personal warmth may not be possible. The danger?  By keeping your bills at bay you end your working day feeling cold, tired and demotivated.  So what’s the solution?

A Christmas Miracle?

EnertiteWhile it may be too late for a Christmas miracle this year, you can make plans for 2022. Many households across the UK and Ireland have already been future-proofing their homes and saving money with Enertite insulation spray foam.  Developed and produced by BASF, the largest chemical producer in the World, Enertite is a low-density, open-cell, polyurethane foam. The spray-applied insulation is ideal for internal roofs, floors, and walls.  The water-blown system is sprayed as a liquid. Once applied, it then expands to over 100 times its original size helping to provide an airtight barrier.  Quick to apply with minimum fuss and little waste, Enertite improves energy efficiency. It also provides a barrier against unwanted sounds. Generating no VOCs, CFCs, or formaldehyde, this open-cell foam has no harmful side effects. So it’s good for the planet too.

A Gift

It’s no surprise that Enertite is a gift for anyone struggling to keep warm. With up to 25% of heat lost through roofs and 35% through uninsulated walls, Enertite should be on everyone’s wish list.

Foam Masters

Thanks to our network of expert BASF-approved Foam Masters, help is on hand. They can quickly and efficiently transform the thermal efficiency of homes across the UK and Ireland. So maybe it’s time to gift yourself an insulation makeover.

Save Later

Pay now, save later! Next year you may well be looking outside thinking let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Further Information

You can find out more about Enertite here.

If you require a BASF-approved Foam Master to install Enertite Spray Foam Insulation to your property, ECON polyurethanes would be delighted to assist you. Simply complete our project contact form.

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