Are Robots Getting a Bad Rap?

Nov 16, 2021

Pick up a newspaper or switch on the TV in 2021 and you would think that humanity is heading towards an environmental armageddon. Floods, fires, droughts, dwindling resources, and disruptive protests!  They seem to dominate every other headline. With so much attention focused on catastrophising, it can be difficult to see counter-measures.  Reassuring then to see a practical remedy from one of our Foam Masters receiving national TV and newspaper coverage over the last week.

Insulation Innovators

Coinciding with COP26, Q-Bot, insulation innovators, have been getting plenty of exposure.  They not only made a guest appearance on the primetime BBC show Click but had a full-page editorial feature published in the Daily Mail.

‘Greta Thunberg’ Robots

Both items concluded with the benefits of using BASF Elastospray LWP spray foam insulation to improve thermal efficiency in homes.  However, the draw appeared to be the robots, one of which is named ‘Greta Thunberg’, which Q-Bot deploy to install their foam.

Science Fiction

From the outset, entertainment has given robots a bad rap.  Think about it.  The Maschinenmensch in Metropolis, Ash in Alien, The Terminator franchise, or even the slightly less-menacing Bender in Futurama (pictured above). Science fiction has been defined by both an awe and deep-rooted fear of robots. Whatever the advantages, most narratives portray robots as malevolent contraptions with a not-so-hidden agenda to replace and/or wipe out humankind.

Science Fact

Thankfully, Q-bot is proving that their robots, grounded in science fact, are a blessing rather than a curse to humanity.

Remote-controlled Robots

With suspended floors responsible for about 25% of all heat lost in a home, Q-Bot’s robots are able to efficiently enter tight spaces.  These spaces are usually inaccessible to installers without requiring the disruptive removal of floorboards.  Once in place, Q-Bot’s remote-controlled robots scan the floor underside, creating a detailed 3D map.  This efficiently identifies any unusual details or risks. The wheeled robots then spray the underside in layers using BASF closed-cell Elastospray LWP spray foam. This expands into the suspended floors’ timber joist cavities creating airtight insulation. The work is checked during the spraying process; ensuring the thickness meets the correct specifications.

Complex Insulation Work

Working in conjunction with their human operators, these robots are undertaking tricky and complex insulation work.  Jobs that few installers would wish to undertake, due to the cramped and uncomfortable working conditions.    But, nonetheless, an important and often overlooked means to improve thermal efficiency.

Robots Future-proofing homes

Q-Bot has a winning formula:

  • State-of-the-art robotics
  • BASF’s eco-friendly, game-changing spray foam insulation
  • Technical support from ECON Polyurethanes
  • Operator expertise

Consequently, Q-Bot ensures every underfloor insulation installation exceeds client expectations and is future-proofing homes.

Further Information

Find out more about Q-Bots here.

If you require help on your insulation project, ECON polyurethanes would be delighted to assist once you have completed our project contact form.


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