A Simple Goal

Oct 6, 2021

The pandemic has certainly been a catalyst for change. One upside of the lockdown has been the transformative impact it has had on our homes. Whether it is a lick of paint or a full-scale extension, our homes are changing for the better. That’s because,  having spent more time indoors, we are looking more closely at the dwellings we inhabit.  As a consequence, we are discovering innovative ways to unlock space, comfort, and additional functions.  More than ever, we are investing in our homes with the simple goal of unlocking greater benefits.

Utilise Layouts

Despite ongoing austerity, many homeowners have found themselves thousands of pounds better off not having to commute to work during the pandemic.  For some, this unanticipated but welcome financial windfall is being spent on their homes to better utilise layouts and create dedicated spaces.  Factor in so many canceled holidays in the sun, estimated by travel booking site Expedia to cost on average around £5000 for a family of 4, and it’s no surprise more ambitious home improvement projects are now getting greenlit.

A Dedicated Place

One example of home improvement is the creation of a dedicated games room. Whether your home is full of anxious and isolated children, a place to benefit from downtime has become increasingly important. Many are now seeking to create a dedicated space. A neutral place where bonds get built playing old-school games, including table-top football and pool.


Spray Insulations recently worked on a games room in Raleigh, Essex. The timber-framed extension utilised the home’s adjoining outdoor space to create the perfect extension.


The project specifiers opted for Enertite, BASF’s eco-friendly, open-cell spray foam insulation. Our Foam Masters were able to quickly apply foam to the timber frame walls and ceiling.

Slick Finish

Installed as a liquid, Enertite expands to over 100 times its original size and consequently fills all voids. This helped provide an airtight barrier for this games’ room. In just one day, the structure’s wall and ceiling cavities were filled with foam. Where applicable, the excess dried foam was cleanly removed so the fill was flush with the timber structure. This slick finish meant other aspects of the projects’ interior got completed with little delay.

Energy-efficient Envelope

The home will now have a fantastic games room, lined with super-efficient Enertite spray foam. Our Foam Masters achieved the homeowners’ simple goal of providing an energy-efficient envelope. The family will stay warmer and spend less money on their fuel bills.

Goal Celebrations

Finally, the foam also provides a barrier against unwanted sounds. With all the goal celebrations, this could be as much a benefit for the property’s neighbour as the homeowners.

Read more about Enertite here


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A Simple Goal
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